The Strongest Woman in the World

The strongest woman in the world is not the best athlete in any sport.

The strongest woman in the world is not the one who has hiked Mount Everest or swam across the English Channel.

The strongest woman in the world is not a political figure with power and prestige.

The strongest woman in the world is not the owner or CEO of a large company with limitless wealth.

The strongest woman in the world is not the most famous celebrity with a huge following and many admirers.

No, the strongest woman in the world lives in the house where I grew up in a little town in South Carolina. She works tirelessly for those she loves.

#strongmamaShe cares for her elderly, dependent mother nearly every hour of every day without a second thought. Because of this, she is almost completely confined to her home, yet finds a way to be there for her family, babysitting grandchildren and preparing Sunday dinners every week.

Along with her strength, she also carries grace that is unmatched and her integrity is beyond reproach. She would never agree to this statement because her humility is perhaps her best asset.

Growing up with my mama served to be my best education for being a mama myself. She taught us values and morals and all about the Jesus who died to set us free. But she also liked to have fun, spending time with us and sharing inside jokes that made us all laugh until we cried. She is responsible for my affection for I Love Lucy, “White Christmas,” and winter days in Pigeon Forge.

“Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her.” – Proverbs 31:28

Gentle, sweet, humble, kind, compassionate, godly, faithful, talented, selfless, servant, steadfast, dedicated, gracious, loving… 

These are just a portion of words that family and friends use to describe my mama. They only scratch the surface.


So this one is for you, Mama.

My role model.

My constant friend.

My biggest confidant.

My strongest cheerleader.

Believer in my dreams.

Dryer of my tears.

The strongest woman in the world. 


she who has believed




Scriptures are taken from the KJV.

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  1. Tears, and more tears…. Well Said, Edie. I am so proud to call her My Mom as well. She is Amazing and She has taught me so much. This is a precious tribute to Mom and so very true!! <3

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