The Jesus Command Most Christians Are Ignoring

As a Christian, I am often a failure. I do okay with keeping the “Top Ten” in Exodus. And most of the time I love my neighbor like a good Christian should. But there is one command in the Bible that I stink at keeping. To be honest, I think most Christians stink at this one.

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…” – Matthew 28:19a

Honestly, this one kind of makes me want to run and hide. Witnessing? Sharing my faith? That one is hard. Isn’t it?

sharing our faithDo you remember when you were young, maybe a teenager, and your parents finally trusted you to stay alone? It never failed that there were some final instructions that they gave you before they left. Whatever it was, it was the most important thing they said to you because they said it last so you wouldn’t forget it.

These words were some of Jesus’ last ones before He ascended into Heaven. So He must have thought they were pretty important. 

Yet that is probably the least followed command that Jesus gave us. We can come up with so many excuses not to follow it.

“But it will be awkward.”

“But they might reject me.”

“But I might embarrass myself.”

Jesus didn’t put any qualifiers on the Great Commission. He didn’t say to do it if we feel like it or if it’s easy or if it’s convenient. He just said do it. “Go! Make disciples!”

It’s hard. But I’ve learned a way to make it a little easier.

Recently at church, we’ve been going through a study called “Every Believer a Witness” by Dennis Nunn and one of the main teachings from the study is how we can witness to others simply by telling our own personal story of what God has done for us. You see, people can dispute our testimony about what happened to someone else. But nobody can dispute your own personal story. There are three main parts of telling our story, and it’s something that you can work into almost any conversation. I’m going to show you by sharing my own personal story.

I. My life before I met Jesus:

I was born into a loving, stable home. My mom stayed home with my brothers and me at that time and my dad worked very hard on swing shifts to give us what we needed. We didn’t have a lot of money, but it was a happy childhood filled with laughter and love.

II. How I came to accept Jesus into my life:

I had been to church my entire life and grew up in a Christian home so I always knew about Jesus and what He did when He came to earth. At one point, when I was five years old, I connected my sinfulness to His death on the cross and realized my need for salvation. On a Sunday night at the end of a church service, I told my mother I wanted to accept Jesus into my life. So she went to the altar with me and led me in a prayer to do just that.

III. My life since Jesus came in:

I know having Jesus in my life from an early age kept me from a lot of trouble as I was growing up. After a painful divorce and some other heartbreaking events in my life, I spent some time away from Him in my mid-20s. He never stopped pursuing me and when I rededicated my life to Him at age 27, He accepted me back. I’ve not been perfect since then, and my life has not been without its trials and troubles, but I have peace because God has been with me every step of the way.

sharing our faith

That’s it. My story. What an easy but effective way to share our faith – by just telling others about ourselves and our experiences. Maybe the person we are talking to will want to know more. Maybe they will ask questions. Maybe they will completely ignore the message we are trying to send. But guess what? The outcome is not our concern. We are called to obey and leave the results up to God.

It’s so important, friends. Death is certain. Jesus’ return is certain. People need to know the key to abundant life here and eternal life in the hereafter. I urge you to watch the video I’ve included below from YouTube. It’s an atheist’s view on Christianity and it really preaches a sermon.

What about you? Do you have as much trouble obeying this command as I do? What are some other simple ways we can share our faith? 

Love in Christ,

she who has believed




17 Replies to “The Jesus Command Most Christians Are Ignoring”

    1. I think it is for most people. I (spiritually) envy those who can share with such ease. I feel like I should be able to do the same. Thank you for reading and responding!

  1. GREAT post! So very true. Having actually done some literal knocking on doors and witnessing, I know it is very difficult. I love how open you are sharing your faith here on your blog. THAT is a great way to be a witness. Sharing that we are Christians on our blogs is a witness. I am planning to do some devotional blogs, which I hope will be a witness as well.

    1. I am hoping to write a devotional to share via email myself. Just have to find the time to do it. Thanks for reading and responding!

  2. I agree, this can be a challenge ! I appreciate the perspective that you shared here. Using your key parts given, I will work on rehearsing my own true story, and also I would like to add that part of disciple-ing may be tending to seeds or sprouts that began growing before we entered that person’s life…………Just by showing love and sharing our Christian perspective God may use us to disciple. *I am sharing this on my Grandma Mary Martha page.

  3. I love this: “Jesus didn’t put any qualifiers on the Great Commission.” When I first felt called to serve overseas as a missionary, I read Luke 10:2 and was struck by the fact that when Jesus sent out the 72, he said, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Go!” A one-word sentence changed my life. It wasn’t “Go if you feel like it.” or “Go if your mother approves.” Just “Go!”

  4. So, so, very true! We need to come to a point of fearing God over anyone and anything in this world. I agree that our testimony is such a strong witness, I have a page with my testimony and have offered to share anyone who is willing to. It is a bit challenging and yet very rewarding to write it all out, I loved hearing yours, thanks for sharing. I pinned and shared! God Bless!

  5. Hi there Edie! I just love this post because there is so much truth to it. I agree that our testimonies is one of the best ways to speak the love of Christ into a person. We all have beautiful stories to tell as believers. Congratulations! I’ve featured you on this week’s Salt & Light Linkup!

  6. I’m a Christian mental health therapist but not all of my clients are Christian. I first focusing on meeting them where they are. They may not be ready to hear about Jesus in their present circumstance. I focus on the fruit of the spirit characteristics first. At the same time I certainly don’t hide that I’m Christian. As our relationship progresses I may add more statements about faith. Sometimes it may not go further than that but I know that I planted seeds.

    1. Thank you, Melissa, for your response! You have such an amazing opportunity to help people! Although I think God gives us all opportunities if we just open our eyes to see them.

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