A Letter to My Hard-Working Husband

hard working husband

To my precious husband…

I must admit, sometimes I wish things were different. I compare myself to others on social media and think…

“Wow, it was nice that her husband sent her flowers for no particular reason.”

“Oh, and how thoughtful to surprise her with tickets to that show.”

“He must really love her to go out and buy her those shoes she’s had her eye on.”

And the enemy creeps in and tells me I’m missing out on something. But you know what? I love us. I love who we are. I love who you are. Continue reading “A Letter to My Hard-Working Husband”

When Faith Takes Over for Fear

faith for fear

I know you don’t know me. But I am a fearful, worrying person. Okay, so those aren’t my only qualities, but they are the most relevant to this post. I seek security of every kind. Financial… relational… physical. And because I seek security, I don’t often seek adventure. Oh, I used to. I used to be fearless when I was younger and single and had little to no responsibilities. But what growing up and maturing have gotten me (besides a few laugh lines and a much slower metabolism) is an increased sense of fear. Continue reading “When Faith Takes Over for Fear”