For the NOT Grammar Nerd: Grammarly Tool

grammar nerd

Confession time: I am a grammar nerd. And more than that, I am a proud grammar nerd. Sometimes it’s out of control to the point that I wish I could go through and correct grammar on social media. I once called a business to let them know that there was a misspelled word on the sign in front of their store. I’ve even considered vandalism on messed up signs. Seriously, it’s that bad.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received a small compensation for my honest review.  

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Numbers Don’t Lie: When the Scale Is Your Enemy


I did it. I stepped on the scale this morning. It always comes with a lot of cringing and dread. And maybe sometimes nausea. Truth is, I hate that flat, cold, metal instrument that takes several seconds to show me my fate. As if it is laughing at my tension.

I joined a weight loss accountability group recently, which is probably the only reason why I weighed in this morning, truth be known. And wonder of all wonders…down 1.2 pounds. If I held that weight in my hands, I would barely notice it. But when it’s that much less on a scale than last week, it’s glorious.

When I was younger, I never worried about my weight. I was athletic with a great metabolism, and even when I ate rice cakes and drank Diet Coke over the summer because I was afraid of gaining in the offseason, it wasn’t truly a concern for me.  I had a period of time in my early 20’s after college where I gained some, but I just cut back here and there and six weeks later…voila!…back to my comfortable weight.

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Dear 16-year-old Me (A Letter to My Teenaged Self)

teenage self

I often find myself reading posts from teenage girls on Facebook and thinking, “Boy, am I glad social media did not exist when I was a teenager.” And then I read my diary from back then and I’m ecstatic that social media did not exist when I was a teenager.

I surely would have embarrassed myself, my family, and everyone who knew me.

Because being a young person is hard. It was hard then, and it’s even harder now. And, like many other young girls, I wore my emotions on my sleeve. Everything is just so confusing. Relationships are confusing. Feelings are confusing. And boys…well, they are the most confusing thing of all. Continue reading “Dear 16-year-old Me (A Letter to My Teenaged Self)”

Fun Family Summer Treat: Sticky Popcorn

popcorn recipe

It’s FUN FRIDAY! One thing I love to do (that I don’t believe I’ve mentioned) is bake and make treats. Unfortunately, most of this fun has gotten relegated to the holidays, but I’m determined to make more time for one of my favorite hobbies.

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What If I Stink at This? Confessions of a Brand New SAHM


Confession time: I had always wanted to be a mom who works outside the home. Even when I was young and had dreams of being a wife and mother, I just always knew I would be one of those moms that had a career and picked my child up from daycare or a babysitter every day. It’s what I had always planned.

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Mini Vacation on the Cheap: Our Long Weekend in Pigeon Forge

mini vacation

Let me just start out saying…I love to travel! I love the planning, the preparation. And the LISTS! Oh, how I adore the lists! So, in that spirit, I thought it would be fun to use FUN FRIDAY to talk about some of the trips we’ve taken or plan to take, and some little tips I’ve picked up along the way. I’ve been to foreign countries and across this country during my travels, but one of my favorite things to do is go off for a long weekend (aka mini vacation) with my family.  Another thing I love is to save money while doing so. Continue reading “Mini Vacation on the Cheap: Our Long Weekend in Pigeon Forge”

How to Walk on Water: When a Step of Faith Becomes Real

step of faith

Well, this is it, folks. This week is my last. About 11 weeks ago, I turned in a long notice at my job. It’s probably the craziest thing I’ve ever done. (And I’ve zip lined through a rainforest in Nicaragua despite being deathly afraid of heights.) While it was a step of faith I knew I needed to take that doesn’t mean it’s been easy.

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When You’ve Blown It: Five Ways to Overcome a Mom Fail


“Every single day, I’m late for work because you won’t do what I’ve asked you to do! Every. Day.”

Our mornings are not always spectacular. It’s great when my son is compliant and obedient. It’s perfect when the dogs behave as they should. It’s amazing when my hair does just right and I pick out a good-fitting outfit the first time.

But let’s be real. That doesn’t happen most of the time. And mainly because the dogs don’t understand anything I say, my boy can sometimes bear the brunt of my frustrations.

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A 21-Day Challenge to a Stronger Faith

stronger faith

My family and I were watching the animated movie “Prince of Egypt” a few nights ago. If you aren’t familiar with it, it tells the story of Moses from the time he was a baby in a basket until he led God’s people out of Egypt. (It uses some artistic license and fudges on a few details, but is basically the true story and is a very entertaining movie, with a fabulous soundtrack.) When it got to the part about the burning bush, I turned to my husband and said, “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could receive messages from God that clearly?”

As I thought later about that statement, I began to see that maybe He was giving me those clear messages, even if the shrubbery wasn’t on fire. Continue reading “A 21-Day Challenge to a Stronger Faith”