I Really Do: Marriage Vows Aren’t a One-Time Deal (Guest Post for Young Wives Club)

“Boys are gross!”

I probably made this statement a lot when I was a kid growing up with two brothers. But I know I say it often now in my household with a husband and a son.

Men are just different than we are, ladies. Living with them isn’t always easy. (And I’m sure they would say the same thing about living with us.)

marriage vowsAs much as society wants to lump us all together and say men and women are the same, we just aren’t. And even though I grew up with brothers and a dad living in my house, marriage is a whole new experience. When I said those vows on that warm South Carolina day in May, I didn’t truly know exactly what was ahead. We were in love and we were ready to start our lives together, no doubt. And we were in our mid-30’s, more mature than a lot of newlyweds. However, nothing can really prepare you for the day in/day out of marriage.

There are some days when “I do” just isn’t enough…

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