For the NOT Grammar Nerd: Grammarly Tool

Confession time: I am a grammar nerd. And more than that, I am a proud grammar nerd. Sometimes it’s out of control to the point that I wish I could go through and correct grammar on social media. I once called a business to let them know that there was a misspelled word on the sign in front of their store. I’ve even considered vandalism on messed up signs. Seriously, it’s that bad.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received a small compensation for my honest review.  

BUT I’m learning to deal with the fact that not everyone is a stickler for grammar and correct spelling like me. And I’ve found a way to unite grammar nerds and those that couldn’t care less. Notice I used “couldn’t” instead of “could.” Take note. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist one last stand of grammar nerd-ness.)

There is a neat product (which by the way, I am using right now as I type this) from the fine folks at Grammarly. Now, you may have seen some fun (to me) posts on the Grammarly Facebook page about grammar errors and spelling mistakes that make all of us grammar nerds laugh and cringe (which emphasizes the “nerd” part of our title). But they have this amazing plug-in that will proofread for you while you type! (WHAT??) Now, for those of us that proofread our own stuff (I know…lame), it may only be interesting for the fact that we can race the tool to see who catches the mistakes first. (Ahem…guilty.) But for the person that doesn’t want to have to make sure every little thing is perfect before posting, emailing, submitting a paper, or whatever, it is heaven-sent.

The #1 Writing Tool

The first thing you do is go to this Grammarly link and install the plug-in. As you type in the document tool, it will proofread your document for you. Then you can copy and paste into a Word document, email, or social media post with full confidence that you are a grammar queen (or king). Impress your friends with your grammar prowess!

PLUS, there is a Google Chrome extension! Friends, I LOVE this extension. It catches things that, admittedly, I don’t. (I know…I’m so ashamed.) It is checking what I am typing right now! And it will follow your social media posts and emails to make sure they are on the up and up. It’s seriously the extension I would create if I knew how to create an extension. It’s the “red pen” I wish I had when I’m on the internet. I sincerely believe it could change the world for grammar nerds and anti-grammar nerds alike!

Be sure to check it out! And in the spirit of full disclosure, I must reveal that there are affiliate links in this post. But Grammarly is a tool I believe in and fully endorse.

What about you? Are you a grammar nerd like me or do they completely annoy you?


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This post contains affiliate links.

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