Word for the Year: Grace

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As most people do when a year is coming to an end, I’ve started to reflect on the year that has passed. And I’ve settled on one overriding theme.

Different is hard.

I’ve never been much for change. And for much of my life I didn’t deal with it. The last 25 years have pretty much shifted from that normalcy and consistency, but that didn’t make 2017 any easier. A year ago, I never imagined the twists and turns that this past year would bring. Continue reading “Word for the Year: Grace”

What a Dog Taught Me about the Real Meaning of Christmas

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Back in March, I saw a photo on Facebook that made me fall in love.

I had seen many pictures of dogs in need of homes before, but something about this particular one caught my attention in a special way. I just knew this was my dog.

She had been found by a church friend, most likely abandoned by her former family, and my friend couldn’t keep her because of her own dogs. I knew I had to give this dog a home. My husband said there was no way we needed another dog.

So when we got her, we named her Sybil Continue reading “What a Dog Taught Me about the Real Meaning of Christmas”

The Strongest Woman in the World


The strongest woman in the world is not the best athlete in any sport.

The strongest woman in the world is not the one who has hiked Mount Everest or swam across the English Channel.

The strongest woman in the world is not a political figure with power and prestige.

The strongest woman in the world is not the owner or CEO of a large company with limitless wealth.

The strongest woman in the world is not the most famous celebrity with a huge following and many admirers.

No, the strongest woman in the world lives in the house where I grew up in a little town in South Carolina. Continue reading “The Strongest Woman in the World”

One Simple Prayer to Help My Child Be Brave {Max Lucado Book Review w/ Giveaway Link}

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I suppose if there were a “Mount Rushmore” of Christian authors, Max Lucado would be among the faces immortalized there. I’ve read his books for years and when he ventured into authoring children’s books, it was inevitable that I would one day read them to my future children (and I do now to my son). His gift with words is unmatched by any other writer and has encouraged so many people over the years.

Therefore, when the opportunity presented itself to review his latest children’s book, I’m Not a Scaredy-Cat, I lunged at it with complete abandon. Not only would I have an amazing book to add to my son’s growing collection, but just the idea of being able to review a Max Lucado book delighted me.

(Psst…if you’ll stick with me, there is a chance later in this post to win a FREE copy for a child you love.)

This is a sponsored post, meaning that I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.  Continue reading “One Simple Prayer to Help My Child Be Brave {Max Lucado Book Review w/ Giveaway Link}”

From One Mama to Another on the Hard Days

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Being a mama is sometimes hard. There, I said it. Not to say it’s not completely worth it even on the bad days, but there are moments that I want to run away screaming.

Not long ago, my son was playing upstairs. He got a little too quiet. He came downstairs and said, “Mommy, there are polka dots everywhere!”

“I hope they are imaginary polka dots,” I answered.

“No, they’re not.”

Cringing, I got up and went to look at what had happened. There was a trail of tiny white foam balls leading across the living room and up the stairs. No big deal, I thought. Just a little bit of vacuuming and we’ll be okay.

Nothing could have prepared me for the horror that awaited me at the top of those stairs. Continue reading “From One Mama to Another on the Hard Days”

When the Words “Back to School” Leave You Terrified

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I see you, mamas and daddies. Maybe your child is going off to college. Perhaps he or she is starting a new chapter at the high school or middle school level. Maybe your baby is just beginning kindergarten. You may be one of those parents who has been home with your child since he or she was born and this is the first separation for you. Perhaps your child has special challenges that make school difficult.

“Back to school” isn’t happy for you or maybe just leaves you with mixed emotions.

I get it. Me, too. Continue reading “When the Words “Back to School” Leave You Terrified”

A Different Kind of Summer: How a Step of Faith Changed Everything (Guest Post for (in)courage.me)

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It’s summer time! It’s the season that children, teachers, and many others look forward to each year, waiting patiently for that last school bell to ring and the taste of sweet freedom. Though I’m not a hot weather person, there are so many things I do love about summer:

Visiting a friend’s pool for fun and refreshment…

Going to a local ice cream parlor for a yummy treat…

Slipping on flip flops instead of determining which footwear will be warmest…

The smell of delicious food on the grill…

Summer nights sitting on the porch as the sun sets… Continue reading “A Different Kind of Summer: How a Step of Faith Changed Everything (Guest Post for (in)courage.me)”

Let God Out of That Box!

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Many years ago when I was in college, I worked at a Christian bookstore in the customer service department. Our duties in that department included imprinting names on Bibles, managing items that people had special ordered, and wrapping gifts. I became a master gift-wrapper. In fact, I’m pretty picky even now about how gifts look when I wrap them. I like things to be wrapped up in a neat, perfect little box.

I’ve recently realized that this obsession leaks into other areas of my life, too. Continue reading “Let God Out of That Box!”