The Christmas Book Your Young Child Needs This Year! {And you can enter to get it FREE!}

One of the Christmas traditions our family has as far as gift-giving is concerned is that our son, who is now five years old, gets a Christmas book each year. Sometimes it’s a classic, like The Polar Express. Other times it’s a lesser known book. It may be spiritual or secular (although we lean more towards the spiritual). But every year he gets a Christmas book. I look forward to the collection he will have someday that he can pass on to his children.

This year’s book is pretty easy. One Christmas Bear, written and illustrated by Anne Vittur Kennedy, is both fun and spiritual, with adorable characters in bright colors that will catch the attention of any young child. I’m thrilled to add it to my son’s collection.

(This is a sponsored post, meaning I received a free copy of the book for my honest review.)

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Visiting St. Augustine? 10 Things You MUST Do!


I never thought that ANY city in the United States would top Charleston, SC as my favorite. I had visited Boston a couple of times and loved that city as well, but it still didn’t compare to the Holy City in my own home state.

Then I visited St. Augustine. And Charleston, you have some competition.

I don’t know if St. A has completely displaced Chuck Town, but they are running neck and neck for sure. We knew friends who had visited St. Augustine and had seen pictures and done research so we decided to give it a shot last November. We completely fell in love. Continue reading “Visiting St. Augustine? 10 Things You MUST Do!”

The Strongest Woman in the World


The strongest woman in the world is not the best athlete in any sport.

The strongest woman in the world is not the one who has hiked Mount Everest or swam across the English Channel.

The strongest woman in the world is not a political figure with power and prestige.

The strongest woman in the world is not the owner or CEO of a large company with limitless wealth.

The strongest woman in the world is not the most famous celebrity with a huge following and many admirers.

No, the strongest woman in the world lives in the house where I grew up in a little town in South Carolina. Continue reading “The Strongest Woman in the World”

One Simple Prayer to Help My Child Be Brave {Max Lucado Book Review w/ Giveaway Link}

#maxlucado #childrensbook

I suppose if there were a “Mount Rushmore” of Christian authors, Max Lucado would be among the faces immortalized there. I’ve read his books for years and when he ventured into authoring children’s books, it was inevitable that I would one day read them to my future children (and I do now to my son). His gift with words is unmatched by any other writer and has encouraged so many people over the years.

Therefore, when the opportunity presented itself to review his latest children’s book, I’m Not a Scaredy-Cat, I lunged at it with complete abandon. Not only would I have an amazing book to add to my son’s growing collection, but just the idea of being able to review a Max Lucado book delighted me.

(Psst…if you’ll stick with me, there is a chance later in this post to win a FREE copy for a child you love.)

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A Day in the Life of a Sensory Kid

Feature photo credit: Marian Ashley Photography

My son was identified about a year ago as having SPD. If he could tell his story, I imagine it might be something like this:

Hey, I am five years old and this is kind of how my day goes.

When I wake up in the morning, I may or may not have slept well, depending on how much was going through my brain and whether or not the melatonin tablet worked this time. There’s a chance I may have woken up during the night and climbed into my parents’ bed. I may have gone back to sleep there or stayed away for hours with my mind racing and my body wanting so badly to get up and move.

My mommy and daddy try to keep me in a routine so that I can get things done in the morning. I have to make my bed, eat breakfast, and get dressed before any screen time or other activities. Otherwise, I get so distracted I may not be able to get these things done. Some days it’s very easy to do these things and I do them quickly. Other times, I don’t know why, but it’s hard to make my body obey my mind. It may have something to do with how well I slept but I’m not sure. Sometimes it’s just different. Continue reading “A Day in the Life of a Sensory Kid”

Teaching Our Children to Be Thankful {Book Review w/ Giveaway Link!)

very thankful prayer

Gratefulness doesn’t usually come naturally, does it? We all want more than we have sometimes, and nowhere is this more evident than in our children. We try to teach them to be thankful for what they have, but inevitably there are times when they want more. It took me a long time to learn to be thankful for my blessings, so I shouldn’t expect more of my son.

There are resources to help us in this endeavor, however, and one of them is a sweet children’s book called A Very Thankful Prayer. Continue reading “Teaching Our Children to Be Thankful {Book Review w/ Giveaway Link!)”

From One Mama to Another on the Hard Days

motherhood hard days

Being a mama is sometimes hard. There, I said it. Not to say it’s not completely worth it even on the bad days, but there are moments that I want to run away screaming.

Not long ago, my son was playing upstairs. He got a little too quiet. He came downstairs and said, “Mommy, there are polka dots everywhere!”

“I hope they are imaginary polka dots,” I answered.

“No, they’re not.”

Cringing, I got up and went to look at what had happened. There was a trail of tiny white foam balls leading across the living room and up the stairs. No big deal, I thought. Just a little bit of vacuuming and we’ll be okay.

Nothing could have prepared me for the horror that awaited me at the top of those stairs. Continue reading “From One Mama to Another on the Hard Days”

Let Your Kids Play in the Rain…and Do Other Nonsensical Things

play in the rain

Are you like me when you set to clean out a closet, a drawer, a box? Inevitably, I will come across something that will invoke a memory or a stack of pictures that I just have to look through. I always get sidetracked somehow.

But sometimes it’s a good thing. One day I was cleaning out my nightstand, which was just about to burst open from all the stuff I had stashed in there over time (out of sight, out of mind, right?), and I came across something I had written many years ago. It was like discovering treasure. As soon as I found it, I knew I wanted to share it with my friends who read my blog when the right time came. I suppose now is the time… Continue reading “Let Your Kids Play in the Rain…and Do Other Nonsensical Things”

And the 2017 Liebster Award Goes To…

I’m so excited to share with you that I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award for new bloggers by the lovely Jenna at Grace & Motherhood! Thank you, Jenna, for your confidence in my blog! Be sure to check out her amazing blog!

The Liebster Award recognizes bloggers who are new to the blogging community and is a great way for people to notice all of the blood, sweat, and tears that go into creating a blog. Personally, my blog is about sharing my faith and this amazing journey on which God is taking me. It’s definitely not about monetary gain. So when someone takes notice of what I do, it’s so very encouraging. Continue below to read my interview and find out a little bit more about me! Continue reading “And the 2017 Liebster Award Goes To…”